Who makes royal standard blended whisky?

When you think about the most loved alcoholic beverages among Nigerians, some of the first names that come to mind include Captain Jack rum, Big Ben Gin, and Royal Standard Whisky. These brand names have quickly become trusted local liquor brands in the Nigerian market. But who are the makers behind each of these products? In this article, we share more information about who makes Big Ben London in Nigeria, the makers of Royal Standard Blended Whisky as well as Captain Jack Cafe Rum manufacturer. Read on! 
Who Makes Big Ben London Dry Gin in Nigeria?

Big Ben London Dry Gin is a product of Stellar Beverages, a Nigerian company located in Ikeja Lagos. This beverage was first introduced to the Nigerian market in 2012, however, at the time it was only being imported from the United Kingdom. This was quickly changed in 2015 when Stellar Beverages, the company which makes Big Ben London Dry Gin in Nigeria decided to invest in local production and began producing the beverage within the shores of the country. 

About the Makers of Big Ben London Dry Gin

Here’s more about the company who makes Big Ben London Dry Gin:
Stellar Beverages set up its first factory in the Ipaja area of Lagos in 2015
Stellar Beverages Nigeria created the Big Ben Chocolate Gin in 2015, the first flavoured Gin in Nigeria.
In November 2020, Stellar Beverages invested in a new state-of-the-art factory in Ogba, Lagos 

Who Manufactures Captain Jack Cafe Rum in Nigeria?

Captain Jack Rum is a product of Stellar Beverages Nigeria. The company started manufacturing this beverage in 2015 from its first manufacturing plant in Ipaja, Lagos. Today it has 2 flavour options: Captain Jack Cafe Rum & Captain Jack Dark Rum, which it now produces at a new facility in Ogba, Lagos.

Stellar Beverages was founded in 2012, and its current chairman is Gavin Stewart.