Taste of Tradition: Top 5 Restaurants in Fort Kochi for Food Lovers

Fort Kochi is known for its diverse culinary scene, offering a mix of traditional Kerala cuisine and international flavors. Here are some of the best places to eat in Fort Kochi:

Kashi Art Cafe: This artsy cafe is not only a great place to enjoy coffee and homemade desserts but also offers a selection of sandwiches and salads. The creative atmosphere and art gallery make it a popular spot.

Dal Roti: For authentic North Indian cuisine, Dal Roti is a must-visit. They serve a variety of delicious Indian bread, curries, and tandoori dishes.

Fort House Restaurant: Located in a historic building, this restaurant offers a blend of Indian and international dishes. Their seafood is particularly renowned.

Oceanos Restaurant: If you're a seafood lover, Oceanos is the place to be. They serve fresh catches of the day, and you can choose your seafood, which is then prepared to your liking.

The Postcard Mandalay Hall: This restaurant offers a blend of local and international cuisine. It's known for its serene ambience and charming decor.

Dhe Puttu: For a taste of traditional Kerala food, especially the local dish "puttu" (steamed rice cakes), Dhe Puttu is a popular choice.

Seagull Restaurant: Located in the Old Harbour Hotel, the Seagull Restaurant serves a variety of cuisine, including Indian, continental, and seafood.

Asian Kitchen: If you're in the mood for Asian cuisine, this restaurant offers a wide range of options, from Thai and Japanese to Chinese and more.

Farm Fresh: As the name suggests, Farm Fresh focuses on organic, healthy, and vegetarian dishes. They have a range of salads, smoothies, and fresh juices.

Teapot Cafe: This charming cafe is known for its tea selection, along with cakes and light bites. The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

These are just a few of the dining options in Fort Kochi. The area is known for its vibrant food scene, so don't hesitate to explore and try new flavors during your visit.