Japan Takes Control: Four Continents is stunned to see the Dynamic Duo Kagiyama and Chiba

Yuma Kagiyama left everyone impressed when he took an easy lead in the men's event at the Four Continents figure skating championship in Shanghai. This was even more exciting as he suffered a severe ankle injury and made a remarkable return as he missed most of last season due to it.
On the other hand, Japan's Mone Chiba was first in the short programme which made this duo get heavily applauded.
Beautifully skating to Imagine Dragons song "Believer" was awarded 106.82 by the judges against his two competitors United States' Ilia Malinin and Japan's Shoma Uma, clearly displaying his splendid skills.
After successfully landing two quadruple jumps, he told the reporters about his nervousness in the last competition, but he also added that as he went with the music from the very beginning he reached his season's best.
"I haven't won the championship of the Four Continents yet, so of course, I hope to improve my score. Today, I gave my all and skated to the best of my ability, so I can rest assured for the time being. And of course, I'm considering breaking through the barrier of 300 points," is what Kagiyama told the reporters.read more-(https://luminarytimes.com/japan-takes-control-four-continents-is-stunned-to-see-the-dynamic-duo-kagiyama-and-chiba/)(https://luminarytimes.com/)