Islamabad To Tehran Flights Fatima Travels

Iran is an Islamic country sharing its border with Pakistan and is located in western Asia. It was previously known as Persia. It has about 83 million residences and is considered a number 18th country in the most populous country's list. The official name of Iran is the Islamic Republic of Iran.Pakistan and Iran have great bonding and the people of both countries have religious and human ties with each other. Travelers from both sides travel to each other's places throughout the year. Thousands of people go to Tehran from Islamabad for different reasons. Both countries have their embassies in these two capital cities. Other than that, many more reasons are there to travel from Islamabad to Tehran and vice versa. Fatima Travels can manage all types of your flights. In Islamabad, Fatima Travels is present to book the cheapest flights for all-dominating cities in the sector.