important of search engine optimization

There are almost 1,919,113,679 websites registered in the
whole world over the internet as of October 2018. [16]
Majority of people rely on search engines to search for a
particular website or a topic. These search engines sort and
search this website using a particular algorithm such as
Google's page ranking algorithm.
Over 94% of people who use a search engine to search for a
keyword only search on the first page of the search results
and if they do not find what they are looking for, instead of
going to the second page they prefer changing the keywords
they are searching for.
Moreover, almost 63% of the people only look for the top 3
results on the first page, which is known as the golden
triangle, this is where the SEO comes into play[14]. Being
in the golden triangle or at least on the first page not only
increases our user base but also increases our revenue.
That’s why it is very important for a website owner or a
developer to invest their time and resource in constantly
updating and maintaining their website through SEO to keep
top ranking in the search results