how to promot product by INTERNET marketing

INTERNET marketing refers to the process of promoting
products or services among internet users through
social media, search engines, banner ads on specific websites,
email, and app development. It helps to increase the amount
and quality of sales leads of desired products or services.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the set of activities that
involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media
Marketing (SMM) and other search engine-related functions.
Search Engine Marketing Management (SEMM) integrates
a marketing management process that promotes the position
of the website’s products or services towards the beginning
of the search result in SERP which in turn increases its
business. [5] SEM relates to the inclusion of all SEO
activities but focuses on return on investment (ROI), instead
of relevant traffic building. SEM also integrates organic
SEO and paid SEO. Social Media Marketing uses one or
several social media channels to engage with customers,
build relationships, and then sell our products or services.