How to Measure Watch Case Size | Sylvi

Human beings are connected to natural balance and men’s fashion is all about the fusion of the right balance. We always wear outfits that are exactly our size or else we would look ridiculous. The same goes for wristwatches as well. It’s very important to wear a wristwatch based on your wrist size. Very few people know esoteric subjects like measuring watch cases for men.

Men’s watches these days come in a plethora of different sizes. Being able to perfectly measure your watch based on your wrist size is a godsend. Being fashionable doesn't mean only owning a beautiful designer watch. If you wear an inappropriately sized watch, it would look horrible no matter how beautiful the watch design is. Moreover, it would be extremely uncomfortable to use and lead to nerve damage.

It would be extremely challenging for people who don't have the proper knowledge to find the perfect size watch. Don't worry, because our experts are here to guide and help you to find the perfect fitted watch with a detailed size guide and watch chart.

Table of Content:
1. Is measuring your Watch Case important?
2. Different Watch Sizes and Styles
3. How to know the size of the watch case
4. Measure the Case Size
5. Lug-to-lug Distance