Essential Fresh Lahore in Pakistan

Introducing Essential Fresh by Fragrance Studio, a revitalizing aroma inspired by the invigorating essence found in Essential by Lacoste Fragrances. With its vibrant fusion of citrus and aquatic notes, Essential Fresh captures the very spirit of a rejuvenating breeze on a sun-kissed day, beckoning you to revel in the simple joys of life.

This fragrance commences with an exuberant burst of zesty citrus, instantly enlivening the senses with its radiant and uplifting bouquet. As the scent gradually unfolds, subtle whispers of aquatic accords surface, reminiscent of the refreshing embrace of a gentle ocean breeze. The harmonious interplay between citrus and aquatic elements delivers an invigorating and enlivening olfactory experience, inspiring a sense of renewal and vitality with every spritz.