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Made from the highest quality sauf plant , Farmonics Mera Wala fennel powder. Numerous nutrients, including fibre, vitamins, and minerals, are abundant in fennel powder. Given its high quality, saunf powder is frequently used in cuisine as a seasoning and condiment. Aromatic sauf powder can be included in dry masala powders that are used to create a variety of gravies and curries. Fennel powder is a herb with a strong flavour and perfume that has several therapeutic applications. A healthful beverage to combat the summer heat is variyali sharbat. In addition to being very nutritive, it also has potent plant chemicals. A great source of vitamin C is sompu . Our bodies employ vitamin C as an antioxidant to counteract the harm from tobacco, pollution, and the sun. No artificial preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, 100% natural ingredients, low-temperature grinding, freshness and health, and gluten-free are all examples of mindful values. Buy best quality saunf powder from Farmonics.