Best Laser Hair Reduction And Removal Treatment In Chandigarh

Laser Hair Reduction in Chandigarh – Increased hair growth over a particular body part may be unattractive and a cause of concern in men and women equally. Excessive hairs over the face in women can also be an indicator of underlying hormonal imbalance and needs meticulous work-up before proceeding for any procedure. Conventional methods of hair removal like waxing, threading, shaving or tweezing can be painful with very temporary results and may eventually cause ingrowths which can be very difficult to take care of.

Dr. Aditi Jha through her vast experience in national and international platforms recommends Laser hair reduction for removing unwanted hairs from the face and body. LHR also targets ingrown hairs which may develop because of shaving/ waxing. She uses FDA approved lasers like Nd-YAG, Diode and Alexandrite for this purpose. These lasers after a series of sessions provide almost permanent hair reduction over the treated body parts. The improvement can be visible in terms of reduction in density, callibre, and growth cycle of hairs. There are a number of other parameters like the baseline hair color, callibre, density and the skin colour which needs to be assessed before proceeding for LHR.